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Get to know Agringa!

Agringa was born of a passion for fashion and the desire to dress the modern, sophisticated, and empowered woman.

We strive to dress and accessorise the woman that is sure of her wishes and attitudes and is free to be whoever she wants, and wear whatever she wants with style and good taste, through well-designed pieces with striking confidence.

We have selected the best and most beautiful pieces to import from Brazil, to delight you with an offering of exclusive products just like you.

Know The Owner

Since I was young girl in Brazil, I dreamed of the day that I would have my own business, knowing that to be able to wake up every day and do the thing I loved and was passionate about would be the greatest job in the world. Having Agringa today is the achievement of that dream. However, it took a lot of work and dedication to get to where I am now, and my journey wasn’t always easy.

I graduated in Advertising and Marketing from a University in Brazil, and soon after started my career in sales, beginning at the very bottom. One day, knowing I had more to give, I asked my boss for extra responsibility and he said he would give me some customers to look after in order to “test me”. The test worked; I became one of the top sales representatives in the area, gaining the respect and credibility from my customers and the brands that I worked with. From then on I knew this was definitely what I wanted to do and that I could turn the dream I had as a young girl into a reality.

From that moment on, I was determined. When I arrived in Australia in 2015, with no English, no career, and alone, only one motivation kept me strong and focussed – to own my own fashion business.

I worked 14 hour days for years with the goal of saving enough money to open my own business. It took me a while, but when I founded Agringa, I knew with no doubt that this was for me.

The brands that I choose to work with are imported from my home country and it embodies who I am – a strong, confident female. Agringa is bold, decided, and modern but with a sense of fun. That is exactly how my husband and friends would describe me!

My surname, Matos, means ‘resilience’ and if you have read this far, you will realize that sums up exactly the type of person I am. I knew my dream when I was a young teenager and now years later, I am living it. 

Thank you to each and every person who has bought Agringa — it’s because of you that I can write this.

I really hope you love Agringa as much as I do, and above all else, I hope that when you wear it, it helps you feel bold, confident, and modern, not forgetting, of course, that sense of fun!

Why Agringa?!

Agringa is a cool slang term in South America and it means the foreign girl.

Having foreign brands and being in a foreign country there is nothing more convenient and cool than that name.

Thank you all,

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